The Contest Is Over!

Check out the winners below!

Character Contest

Design Your Own BOMBFEST Character!
One lucky winner (and maybe a runner-up or two!) will have their character officially added to the game post launch. As a bonus, we’ll also give winner(s) a BOMBFEST closed beta key!

(Wait, what’s BOMBFEST?)

How to Submit Your Design

  1. Download or print out the above template.
  2. Draw in your own design.
  3. Email your final design to Include the following:
    • Your name.
    • The name of the character you designed.
    • A short description of what your character is.

All valid entries will be posted to the BOMBFEST Discord in the #character-contest2 channel. The winner (or winners!) will be contacted through email. Make sure to submit your design before October 14th!

Tips and Suggestions

  • Prefer traditional art? Print out the template and scan in your hand-drawn/painted/created design!
  • Start with a saturated base color. BOMBFEST characters are bright and cheerful!
  • Keep it simple and clean. Just like that Kingdom Hearts song!
  • Don’t obscure the belt buckle, and keep the head and hands bare!
  • We’ve got a lot of purples and oranges, but we could sure use some blues and greens! *wink wink*

Character references
Pictured from left to right: Baker, Courier, Minstrel, Tailor. Click for a bigger picture!

Previous Entries
Check out these winners from the last character contest for some inspiration. Click for a bigger picture!

Official Guidelines (Subject to Change)
Contest deadline is August 26th at Midnight, EDT. No purchase necessary. Limit one design per person. Any design submitted in the contest may be used in BOMBFEST marketing. Winning design(s) may be used in the game with or without alterations. Contest winner(s) we be credited in BOMBFEST’s credits and receive one (1) closed beta steam key (each) for BOMBFEST. Designs submitted in previous character contests will not be accepted as valid for this contest unless they are updated in some way. A submitted design must be an original, non-commercial works of the submitter, and the submitter must own the copyright of the submitted design. Designs may not be offensive, obscene, or illegal, or violate the rights of others. Sudden Event Studios has the right to deny and remove any design they deem is not in the spirit of the competition.

What Even Is This GAme

BOMBFEST is a chaotic, physics-based, party game that anyone can pick-up and play! We’ve been working on this game for like 3 years, and we’re holding a Kickstarter for it right now!

Click here to check out the Kickstarter, browse some exclusive rewards, and learn more about the game!

Thanks for checking out the game!

-Zac Pierce