GDEX 2017 was a wild ride.

The team drove in Friday evening: Matt and Zac from Cleveland, and Marisa from Portsmouth. We arrived at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and began setting up the booth! Our goal was to bring our living room to the convention, and, thanks to some gracious friends, we were able to drag a couch, a 55″ TV and two full-sized costumes to Columbus!

On Sunday morning, GDEX was in full swing. The BOMBFEST booth was active for nearly the whole weekend with players experiencing our new environments, music, sound effects, and gameplay improvements. As far as we can tell, everyone who gave BOMBFEST a try had a good time! We had every generation present at our booth and plenty of happy faces.

Come Saturday we hosted our Tournament! With 37 entrants and a constant crowd, this was the biggest gathering for BOMBFEST all weekend! We hosted a messy elimination tournament with 2 player, 3 player, and 4 player matches to determine who would walk away with both our solid gold painted BOMBFEST trophy and a free T-shirt.

After 22 grueling matches, a champion was decided! Landon was crowned GDEX 2017 Tournament Champion and received his rewards. Congratulations again, Landon Crawford! For your first day with BOMBFEST, you did a pretty good job!

All in all, GDEX 2017 was a success for BOMBFEST. Our booth drew in scores of players and onlookers all weekend, the tournament was a blast, and the game was even awarded the GDEX 2017 Crowd Favorite Award. We’re excited to continue bringing BOMBFEST to eager players and we’re looking forward to launching the game on Steam soon. Be on the look out for more updates on this blog and on social media for more BOMBFEST news and content!

GDEX 2017 Tournament

Like nurturing parents, we wait hand and foot on BOMBFEST. Oh! Little BOMBFEST is crying again. Is it hungry? Sleepy? Anxious about the troubles of this world? As responsible caretakers, it’s our job to meet the needs of our child.

Sometimes those needs include communicating value, and inspired by the classic filmĀ Goldfinger (1964), we’ve covered our child in solid gold. Most parents treat their children like gold, but only the BOMBFEST team is caring enough to actually follow through. Noting screams “I’m important and you should think highly of me” like a layer of semi-breathable paint.

And while we wish we could keep BOMBFEST all to ourselves, we know the best kind of parent knows when to let their child go. As such, we’re looking for takers. This gold-covered, 3D printed incarnation of BOMBFEST isn’t going to take care of itself. Before you volunteer for adoption, however, we’ve organized a bit of a competition for you.

The BOMBFEST team will be holding an elimination tournament on Sunday at 2:30pm at our booth at GDEX (booth 613) to determine who will have the honor of adopting our gold-plated child. The winner shall receive a 3D-printed, gold-painted, trophy-shaped desk ornament for their trouble. To sign up, please arrive at the BOMBFEST booth any time before 2pm on Sunday. There will be three or fewer rounds depending on the number of applicants. Show up on time or forfeit your spot!

What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose? Is there something bigger than ourselves, just waiting to be discovered? The BOMBFEST Team is dedicated to answering these questions and more.

As such, we’re pulling back the curtain. BOMBFEST will now feature larger environments surrounding each stage, giving you context to your existential dilemma. Check out all the colors and the new models. Feel the weight of the unknown lift from your shoulders, only to be replaced by the burden of new mysteries left unanswered.

New stage environments will be featured this weekend at GDEX 2017! The image above is only a mock-up, but you can come see us in Columbus for the first look at these stages and more!